Monday, December 10, 2012

Last email as a full-time missionary!

Ya, it's a little weird.
Kind of surreal.
Hasn't hit me yet.
We are going bowling today for Pday.
Usually not my scene, but when it's free it becomes my scene.
A member down in Sequim owns a bowling alley and closes it down on Mondays so that we could bowl all to ourselves.
I have to finish making everyone's homemade xmas gifts.
Tomorrow is the mission xmas party.
I am going in a really festive aka ugly outfit.
i borrowed a tshirt with cats all in santa hats and covered in lights that says "meowy christmas."
and a xmas cardigan with beads, bows, presents, and shoulder pads.
right on.
for the white elephant gift exhange i am bringing a human ponytail of hair that i found in our apt.
not even making that up.
its pretty disgusting if you ask me.
but isn't that the point?
we had two miracle baptisms this weekend!
Mesky and Kyra.
Kaylee backed out AGAIN.
sad day.
but life rolls on.
She'll get baptized sooner or later.
My comp has been really sick this past week which has worked out kinda nice as I didn't feel as bad spending a good chunk of time at the library writing my final report.
It is customary in this mission for departing missionaries to write a final report.
A report of sorts that tells of your great experiences, lessons learned, take-aways etc.
It is something that I have dreaded my whole mission.
Writing is one of my passions and strengths so you would think I would love it.
But how do you capture a mission on paper?
You can't.
Doesn't do it justice.
So I contemplated not writing one.
Or if I did write one, just write some stuff down for the sake of writing some stuff down.
But lucky enough I got some extra energy and motivation and wrote what I feel like is a decent piece of literature.
If anyone wants a copy, ask and I'll email it to you.
I absolutely love my mission. not lovED but love.
as in currently.
forever and ever.
I'm not scared to come home.
But I don't know what to expect.
Times are changing.
I'm glad my mission gets buried in its own little time capsule, remaining sacred and preserved.
See you guys in a week!
Sister Baylon