Thursday, June 2, 2011

officially sister baylon

After being set apart Tuesday night, Sydney headed up north to the MTC on Wednesday.
Here are some cute pics of her and her parents at the airport early Wednesday morning...

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  1. I wouldn't have just rolled out of bed at 2:45 if I had known my picture would be posted for all to see :) Sister Baylon, Jr. looks fantastic! We survived the airport scene tearless. There was simply positive anticipation of all the wonderful experiences that lay in wait for her. Her dad and I felt content as we watched her veer off to the left, away from the main screening line, through a glass door. We have already received our first letter from her on Saturday, 6-4 and she reports that everything is great! She loves the MTC and her companion, Sis. Eichenmiller from Pittsburgh. We all look forward to hearing more details from her. Thank you for all your love & support for her.
    the other Sis. Baylon