Monday, October 17, 2011


Today I got invited to attend a leadership meeting that is normally just for Zone and District leaders.  President Weaver told me that if he could he would make me an AP.  WOW! What a compliment.  The night before the meeting when my Zone leader invited me to attend the meeting he said that he wishes I could be a Zone leader because I would do a great job as one.  These were powerful and confirming words to hear.  Last week I doubted my skills as a missionary.  I seem to be having these struggling moments more often than I would ever like.  They come when I ever just open the door to doubt or disbelief or discouragment just a crack.  Satan ever so gently tries to push the door open further and further by tempting me to become lazy, complacent, and believe that I am good for nothing.  But have no fear, the Savior came to the rescue.  He always does.  He always will.  As I sat in this meeting with all of these top-notch, cream of the crop elders in their white shirt and ties and suits I felt very humbled.  Very humbled to be in the presence of the such strong Priesthood.  Now, these priesthood holders are also 19-21 yr old boys.  They are by no means perfect, but they carry upon their shoulders the mantle of Christ.  They do things that boys their same age cannot do and might not ever have the privilege and opportunity to do.
Have any of you watched the Priesthood session of General Conference.  I have watched a few of the talks, some of them more than once, with members in their homes.  WOW.  Elder Holland, am I right??  His talk, "We Are All Enlisted" shook me and I am sure it shook many of you.  He didn't really mince words.  But in that regard, when does he not mice words.  Bretheren, you have a duty to fulfill, a calling to accept, and a Master to serve.  What are you doing to ensure that you can be worthy to join the ranks?  The Lord needs you.  People of the world need you.  You need you.  Pretty cool that our old stake President, President Waddell was amongst the speakers right?  Wow. He gave a great talk.  I loved the missionary theme that was strung all through the session.  If you have not had a chance to listen to these talks yet, I urge you to listen or watch them as soon as you can.  And when you do, to listen with not only open ears but with open minds and hearts as well.
Tim is getting baptized this Sunday.  MIRACLE.  I taught him the lesson on the Word of Wisdom this past week on a split.  Much to my surprise he has or should I say had an addiction to chewing tobacco.  From the moment I extended the invitation to begin living the WOW he has been sober from tobacco!! Isn't that amazing? He is 41 years old and has been chewing since he was 11 years old. ELEVEN YEARS OLD, PEOPLE!!!!  That is 30 yrs of being addicted to that awful stuff.  And with the help of us and the Savior Jesus Christ he has successfully been able to withstand that addiction.  His motivation and strength to overcome his addiction has been driven by his desire to follow Christ and be baptized in his name.  He has gone through 2 bags of Jolly Ranchers to curb his addiction.  That coupled with the help of the Savior and daily encouragement from us, Tim is continuing to climb upward.  Just purely a miracle.
I finished reading the entire Book of Mormon for the first time in my entire left.  Yes, you heard correctly.  I am a missionary and I have just now read the entire Book of Mormon.  I guess that's not entirely accurate.  I have read the Book of Mormon before but not like I have since coming on my mission.  Before I would study a few verses or books or chapters intently but I didn't do that for the entire book.  Or I would read the entire book but not really study it out.  This time I did both.  I testify that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  It is the truest book I have ever read.  It will bring you closer to Christ than any other published work and I know because I have read it.  I took Moroni's challenge to read it with a sincere heart with real intent and ask in the name of Christ if the Book was not true and by the power of the Holy Ghost I will know the truth of all things.  The Book of Mormon IS true.  It brought me closer to the Savior and continues to do so each and every time that I read it.  It has the power to heal the human soul.  It has healed mine.  I invite you all to read from its pages and allow the influence of the Holy Ghost enter your heart and mind.  It will bring you peace.  It will answer questions.  It will give you hope.
All my love,
Sister Baylon

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