Thursday, December 1, 2011

six months out!

Hey everyone,
I turn 6 months old this week on thursday!  December 1st marks the completion of one third of my mission.  Crazy how fast time goes.  One week from today starts the next transfer.  To clear up some confusion from my last few letters...I do not hate my companion or my area.  Both are different than what I'm used to, both require patience, both require attention, both require love.  But I do not hate either of them.  It's hard when you loved your first area and "birthplace" and came off a golden transfer with your favorite companion, because then everything can become a comparison game in which it either succeeds or fails to "measure up".  So I try to keep the two separate.  Just because you struggle and because you hate certain days doesn't mean that you hate everything and everyone. I also feel fine walking around the streets, even the ghetto ones. There are times where I felt a little nervous at first about certain streets but I haven't really ever seriously felt unsafe.  Good judgment and the Holy Ghost are safety enough. Don't worry about me!
Thanksgiving. Hmm.  I think Thanksgiving backslid behind Halloween on the ranked list of favorite holidays.  I hate eating when I'm not hungry and especially the same type of food over and over and over.  We had 4 dinner appointments or rather 4 different houses and families that we said we would come stop by and see.  Bad idea.  We figured we would start the day at one of the Samoan family's house. Oh man, eating that heavy of food at 1pm should be illegal.  I didn't even that much but I felt super sick because I was mentally and physically gearing up for the following episodes of food that were scheduled throughout the day.  I've never seen stuffing that was wet.  I've never been served bright blue bubblegum icecream with pumpkin pie.  I've never been given so much SunnyD to drink.  Until the mission!! Haha lots of firsts happen on the mission.  It just so happens that most of mine involve odd food.  I was so full and sedated from food that early in the day that I told my comp we were NOT going to the second Samoan family's house.  Plus, I felt way awkward rolling in there with our proselyting clothes on and our tags and the whole family is way religious and who knows who we might have made uncomfortable.  Plus it was their WHOLE family and they'd probably be thinking who are these random mormon missionaries?  I finally was just like let's just go to the Graves'.  She ended up making the green beans and they turned out way good.  Sister Holman and her comp were there so it was nice seeing them and just hanging out all together with the rest of the Graves' fam.
Thanksgiving morning I made about 6 batches of chocolate chip cookies (Sis Graves' recipe) and me and Sis F went around and delivered them to people in the ward. Less actives, recent converts, members.  Just whoever we thought would appreciate a nice little suprise holiday treat.  I am sugared out. 
I am going to court this week on Wednesday at 2:45 to fight my ticket.  Pray for me.  My friend that used to be a cop said that the odds are stacked against me.  The only way I could essentially win is through these loopholes that I don't know are enough to sustain me.  So I might be out $124 bucks.
I am not looking forward to Christmas actually.  The Holidays out here are making me really trunky.  If I was in Silverdale I would enjoy them a little more because I knew everyone and it felt more homey.  Out here I still don't know a ton of people and it's hard enough spending the holidays without family.  I kind of just want Christmas to come already so that it can go.  We are having our mission Christmas party on December 13th so I think it'll feel like Christmas is over once that passes.  I don't know if they'll have us go tracting on Christmas.  I hope they don't.  They didn't have us go out on Thanksgiving so maybe Christmas will be the same.
None of our investigators came to church yesterday.  So frustrating and sad.  We did everything we could to make sure that they would come.  Called them to remind them, stopped by their house, got them rides.  And then no one shows.  The worst feeling ever.  I know they have their agency but it makes you feel really helpless.  The commitment level is indicative of their faith and level of conversion.  So I guess we have a lot to work on with them.
I wrote a lot of you letters today but I don't know where I'll be a week from now so I put the mission office as the return address.  I am kind of hoping that they'll transfer me out or atleast bring either Sister Holman or a more experienced missionary to help me really jumpstart this area.  I'm run ragged and I need a new burst of fresh energy.  President is making it sound like the only reason he'd take me out is if I asked to leave.  So we'll see what happens.  I feel like it's a big waiting game until Saturday when we'll get our transfer assignments.
Sorry for the short letter today.  Hope everyone has a good week.  We'll see where I'll be emailing you from a week from now!
Sis Baylon

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