Monday, April 23, 2012

Hey errrbody.
I am apologizing in advance for how short this email is.  I am super tired!  We woke up at 5:55 am to do the Insanity! workout with our district. Haha wow...Baylon is out of shape.  Driving around in a car for a year will do that to you.  My comp and I are really going to try to workout more regularly so we aren't so sleepy during that dreaded 2pm slump where your eyelids feel like they weigh 100lbs.
We saw soooo many MIRACLES this week.  Big and small.  We found 3 really solid investigators that I'm really excited to work with.  One of them is this filipino guy named Rolando.  We met him tracting and he was outside working on his car when we walked by his street.  His wife and kids left him a few years ago and he feels really sad and lonely.  He is carrying around a lot of guilt or shame because he feels like maybe it was all his fault.  We taught him about healing and forgiveness through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and that relief can come almost immediately when we call upon His holy name.  We taught him about how to gain access to this power through baptism in His church and he is very interested and coming on a tour of the church.  He asked us why we are walking around just talking to people about helping them.  We told him we do it because we love the Lord and we know that what we teach is true and that it can help people in whatever situation they find themselves in.  He told us we must be angels sent to him to get out of this darkness he has been in. SO COOL.
We turned over our investigator, Teresa, to the spanish elders yesterday.  Couldn't have gone better.  They were so excited to get the referral and to be able to teach the first lesson to such a prepared person.  Even though my spanish is way rusty, I was surprised that I could understand the entire lesson.  There is a scripture in Alma 29:8 that talks about people being taught the gospel in their own language and lands.  It was so beautiful to watch her eyes light up and to see her grasp the simplicity of the gospel in her own tongue.  We are so glad we handed her over. 
Another miracle that we had was that we are finally starting to use some legitimate interpreters that speak ASL for little Pohai.  There is a couple that used to be in our ward that are both deaf.  But amazingly they can speak.  Not really sure how that works.  But the dad served an ASL speaking mission and they are both so excited to help us teach Pohai.  It's so frustrating not being able to communicate with her about anything let alone the gospel, so I can't imagine how it must feel for her to be the only one in her family that is deaf.
We had 12 investigators at church!!! wahoooo! That is a record for me.  In Manette we had 8 and 15 with the two companionships in the one area but never double digits just with us.  MIRACLE.
The work is plugging right along.  It's picking up and our teaching pool is growing daily.  I love my companion and the mission and life are just peachy. 
Love you guys,
Sister Baylon

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