Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Greetings from Lacey!!
Hey y'all.  Yeah, it's weird.  I have been saying y'all lately.  So much faster to text and type or say then "you guys."  How is everybodyyy?  Ps. Here is the correct updated version of my new address:
8220 Sweetbrier Ln SE Apt A201
Lacey, WA 98513
Laceytown is awesome.  So BIGGG. We cover 2 pretty decently sized wards so there is a lot to know and learn and remember.  And i am pretty sure that I got to get this down in the remaining 5 weeks because Holman has been here going on 6 months at the end of this transfer.  Hopefully, President sends me someone good to help me take over this area.  It kind of reminds me of all my past areas combined.  Spread out and woody in some parts like Silverdale.  Ghetto trailers and stuff like Btown.  And crackheads and normal people that make for lots of success like Lakewood.  The people here are pretty friendly.  they worship the sisters.  Makes for somewhat of an easier transition.
We went to this stake Memorial breakfast the other day and this 20something guy walks in with these two cute little girls and sporting a blue SD hat.  He ended up sitting right behind us and I asked him if he was from San Diego.  Turns out he was in the Vista 4th ward and then moved to Ramona at some point in his life but he knows tons of people that I know.  His name is Jesse Price.  He knows Rob Harmon and his wife from BYUH and consequently knows Brian Poppleton and Blakey Baxter.  He knew Karch Rondo haha from meeting him through Cameron.  He knew a bunch of kids from Vista.  Small world, eh?  I always love meeting or running into people from home.  Makes it seem less far away.
How was your bday Scott?  I'm glad you loved the WA-TAC socks.  I love the mission pride that there is here in the WA-TAC.  I never got into school pride, even in college.  Prob cause I never really felt that proud or connected to my schools. But I love it here so much. I love WA pride too.  We went and explored downtown Olympia yesterrday.  So RAD.  I love that place.  So artsy.  Haha.
Mom, I got the package.  We had to go up to Lakewood on Saturday because I got permission to go see three of my investigators get baptized.  It was a MIRACLE.  Kids 8, 9, 10 all entered the waters of baptism.  I never thought the day would come for two of them.  Leann, 9, and Derrick, 10 are brother and sister and are the most painfully shy little Viatnamese kids you would ever meet. On the surface you would think they were progressing as fast as molasses but they really did comprehend everything that we were teaching.  They just wouldn't really volcalize it all too often.
The past couple weeks have been mission changing for me.  I sent off a few of my closest friends out here in the mission as they completed their time serving here in the WA-TAC.  Such bittersweet emotions seeing them go and leaving Steilacoom all at the same time.  I have come to find my mission to be sacred and special.  This is where I have come to know Christ as my personal Savior and Redeemer.  I have self-discovered.  I have stretched.  Grown.  Been tested and Tried.  I have triumphed.  I have accomplished.  I have suffered.  I have walked through fire.  But I have done so with the Lord.  We are going to the temple tomorrow.  This will be the first time in nearly a year.  I cannot wait for the time that I will have to be instructed and taught and also the time I have to reflect on the past year of my service.  To then look forward to the remaining 6 months and magnify every minute left of it.
Miracles are to be found.  They are conditional only according to our faith.  "To get something you've never had, you must do something you've never done."
Love y'all
Sister Baylon

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