Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Man I have gotten outta shape typing on the computer.  Luckily, I have gotten more in shape physically thanks to insanity.  This month on the 21st will be the first mission "Park Day" where everyone will park their cars and not drive.  The mission needs to really cut back on miles.  So that means either walk, ride your bike, or get rides from members.  I'm saving up to get a skateboard.  It's gonna be the new way I get around on park days.

fun facts as of late:

- I realized that it's never too late to try something new or develop talents you've always wanted.  Hence, I am planning on getting a skateboard.
- we live downwind of a mushroom factory.  Smells like dung and shrooms and nasty butt.
- despite our really plush apartment, our shower head is the worst in the mission, I swear. There is honestly more water pressure in a squirt gun. So it takes us like 30 min to shower.  It's a joke.
- I learned how to properly sew a button and hem stuff  from at this Relief Society activity
- At that same activity I also learned some self-defense skills.  The guy that taught the class is a "green beret" which I found out is pretty legit.  He told me I have good kicks. Years and years of soccer, baby.
- my college mentor, Brother Hochstrasser aka Bro H is from Tacoma and has family all over the mission.  His nephew and his family are in one of our wards here in Lacey
- I received a stellar package in the mail from the one and only Brianne Flint Semons.  I wrote you a letter and mailed it today!

Can I just tell you guys that I am the happiest person on planet earth??!!???!! I am seriously the happiest I have ever been in my life.  I just don't know how to put words to how I feel.  I feel like things are so simple and nothing can get me down because of my knowledge and testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  I find joy in just about everything, even the bad stuff.  I feel hopeful and positive about the future.  I have real self-confidence.  I have real love for other people.  I feel like I have sluffed off an exterior shell bit by bit over the past couple months and now I am the person I have always wanted to be.  Still the same me in some ways just a lot better version.  And somethings about me are totally different.  When you learn and apply the basic priniciples of the gospel, i feel like the fog and confusion that can cloud your heart and your mind just kinds of disappates.  There are some scriptures I believe in 3 Nephi that talks about Nephi and Lehi shining with brilliant countenances like angels from heaven despite them standing in the midst of this fire that their enemies are trying to burn them with.  Not only were they not burned, but they stood as a literal glowing example to the opposers of righteousness. 

I thought of that story and likened it to myself and the work that I do.  The fires of life that try to burn us only can if we allow them to.  The safety and protection from these figurative flames comes from putting our faith, trust, and confidence in Jesus Christ.  The joy and fulfillment that comes from doing so, from knowing who you are, from knowing what your purpose is, and knowing that things will always work out if you rely on the Lord, is what allows your countenance to shine.  People can feel the love of the Savior when we love them first.  The feelings that come just fill you up from the inside out until you are just overflowing.  That's how I feel right now.  I know that the remainder of my mission won't always be cloud 9 but they can atleast be cloud 8.97 if I face the future with faith and hope in Christ's charity.  His selfless sacrifice for my sins.  For yours.

Yesterday before I left the apt for church, I knelt and offered a quick prayer petitioning the Lord to help me try a little harder to be a little better.  My prayer was answered verbatum when the high council speaker used those exact words as he began his talk.  Here are some notes from his talk that I jotted down:

- go out and TRY.
- A higher calling takes higher effort.
- resistance is good for defense, essential for growth.
- it takes 10,000 hrs to become an expert at something (I did the math and my mission is approx 13,140 hrs.)
- our thoughts are the blueprint of what we'll become.
- If we are comfortable, we are not progressing.
- constantly challenge ourselves.
- to change yourself, change your routine.
- think, speak, act spiritually.
-become more than we are.
- To trust HIM, we must know HIM.
- there must always be opposition.
-It is NEVER too late to change.

I can testify to the truth to all these little snippets.  To these flecks of gold that this man spoke of.  We will become better and be changed like a sunrise and not a flicker of a light switch.  Embrace and cherish the trials and hardships.  God must want to make you that much more polished.

"My strength is od the strength of ten, because my heart is pure."

Love you guys,
Sister Baylon

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